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My Horses, My Teachers

So Far, So Good

Taking Up The Reins

The Man Who Listens to Horses

My Horses, My Teachers

By Alois Podhajsky

Published by Wilshire Book Co, 1982

A classical must for all dressage rider's reading and library.

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So Far, So Good

By Mark Todd

Trafalgar Square Publishing, 1998

Mark tells his tale of developing from a horse crazy kid to one of the best Event riders in the world.  The book tells about his journey and we get acquainted with many of his horses as well. 


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Taking Up The Reins
A Year in Germany With a Dressage Master

by Priscilla Endicott

Published by Trafalgar Square Publishing, 1999

While the book is about training in Europe, and a relationship between horse and rider, the most impressive part is the story of a rider fulfilling a life-long dream because she followed her dream and never gave it up.

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The Man Who Listens to HorsesThe Man Who Listens to Horses

by Monty Roberts

Random House, 1997

The Man Who Listens to Horses is an inspirational book about intuition, life, and horses.  It helps you to understand yourself, friendship, love, death, unfairness, and poverty.  We get a view of the role of horses in this development of honesty, patience, and persistence.  We recommend Roberts' fascinating and inspirational story to everyone.

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