Blessed Are The Brood Mares

By M. Phyllis Lose

Howell Book House, 1997

A book filled with information about the care of brood mares and early foal care.


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Blessed Are The Foals

By M. Phyllis Lose

MacMillan Publishing, 1997

A comprehensive manual about the care of newborn and young foals. Includes abnormal problems and how and when to intervene. An important addition to the breeder's library.


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Breeding Management and Foal Development

By Don M. Wagoner

Equine Research Inc., 1982

Everything you need to know about stallion management, breeding plans, artificial insemination, care of foal through first year, plus much more. Considered the most comprehensive reference guide for breeding, it is well illustrated and easy to use.


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Complete Foaling Manual

Edited by Theresa Jones, Steven Miller, Christine King

Equine Research, Inc., 1996

Theresa, with 11 years experience as a foaling attendant, has created a manual for those new to foaling. Her manual contains practical, easy to understand information from preparing through foaling. She discusses both normal births and complications. The manual is easy to use and understand with a focus on the preparation for birth, the birthing process, and care for the first two weeks after foaling.


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Equine Artificial Insemination

By M. C. G. Davies Morel

CABI Publishing, 1999

A complete book on artificial insemination, including its historic development, equine physiology and current AI practices.


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Foal To Five Years

By Ann Hyland

Ward Lock Ltd., 1992

Author gives useful information from choosing your stallion to raising your foal, including information on the stages in the process. Goal of author, through text and illustrations, is to help you have a cooperative, well-mannered and responsive mature horse!


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From Birth To Backing
Give Your Young Horse a Head Start in Life by Using the Appropriate Body Language, from the Initial 'Join-Up' Right Through

By Richard Maxwell & Johanna Sharples

Published by: Trafalgar Square, 1998

Maxwell combines his training practices with Monty Roberts "Join-Up" to give the reader a comprehensive and clear understanding of handling methods that include foal handling, behavior problems in horses as well as correct use of tack and equipment.  The step-by-step photos help the reader clearly understand Maxwell's suggestions. Great for the reader who wants to develop a deeper understanding of the 'inner skills' of natural horsemanship. 

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From Foal To Full-Grown

By Janet Lorch & John Rose
Photographer: Bob Langrish

Sterling Publications, 1998

Beautifully illustrated book contains information from selecting a suitable stallion to raising a healthy, happy young horse.


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Imprint Training: Of The Newborn Foal

By Robert M. Miller

Western Horseman, 1991

Do you want to explore training and handling techniques for your foals? This very well written book gives you the information needed to understand and practice "imprinting". Suggested reading for the open minded person who wants to explore various training techniques.


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Selected Sires of Germany

by Bernd Eylers and Claus Schridde

Available from: EylersVertiebs GmbH. Schnitthilgenloh 2. D-27798 Hude, Germany

Great way to track bloodlines and understand the German breeding program. Beautiful photographs.

The Complete Book of Foaling
An Illustrated Guide for the Foaling Attendant

By Karen E. N. Hayes

Howell Book House, 1993

Designed to explain the preparation for foaling, the foaling process and troubleshooting during the first hours of life.

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Understanding The Broodmare
Your Guide to Horse Health Care and Management

By Christina S. Cable, Christina S. Schweizer, Jacqueline Duke

Blood Horse Magazine, 1999

A handy book to keep with you for quick reference while waiting for your mare to foal.


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Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners
An Illustrated Manual of Horse Medicine & Surgery

By Horace Hayes, Peter Rossdale, M. Horace Hayes

Simon & Schuster, 1988

A thorough and clear professional horsemen's book that covers all horse concerns. It is not for beginners, but a valuable asset for professionals or serious horse owners. An excellent section on breeding and foaling.


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