Equine Massage: A Practical Guide

By Jean-Pierre Hourdebaight

Howell Book House, 1997

A practical guide for all horse owners who want to spend some ground time with their horses to help create better rides via a more comfortable horse. The book includes anatomy and musculature that help us understand. Includes helpful illustrations. Great for all disciplines.


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Fitness for Horse & Rider
Gain More From Your Riding By Improving Your Horse's Fitness and Condition - And Your Own)

by Jane Holderness-Roddam

Published by David & Charles UK, 1997

Book is great for event, dressage, & show jumping riders.  It is filled with exercises for both horses and riders, from novice to advanced.

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For The Good of the HorseFor The Good of the Horse

by Mary Wanless

Published by Trafalgar Square, 1997

This is an essential book for open-minded horse lovers who want to understand what makes a healthy, sound, happy, good performing horse.  Written from the essential point of view - the horse's.  Years of experience are behind the presentation of this book.

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Hands-on horse careHands-On Horse Care: The Complete Book of Equine First-Aid

By Karen E. N. Hayes, Thomas Bohanon

Trafalgar Square, 1997

A complete book of horse care. This is a first aid book that is great to keep in the stable.  Easy to use, well illustrated and quick reference, including health forms. Recommended for the first time horse owner.

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Healing Your Horse: Alternative Therapies

by: Meredith L. Snader, V.M.D, Sharon L. Willoughby, D.V.M., D.C., Deva Kaur Khalsa, V.M.D., Craig Denege, B.A., Ihor John Basko, D.V.M.

Howell Book House, Maxwell Macmillan Publishing, 1993.

Wholeness and wellness are popular topics in today's society.  Human medicine has been in the forefront of combining eastern and western medicine.  Eastern medical therapies are proving useful in the traditional horse world, but few of us understand their role.   Unfortunately there are many people practicing eastern medicine who are not qualified, therefore we must be careful about what we read and who we listen to on the subjects.   Healing Your Horse is just what the horse owner needs.  It has been written by well-educated, experienced Experts in veterinarian medicine.  Learn about the role of the following ancient therapies that may prove to have a non-evasive and quick help for your horse: acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, massage and herbal .

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Horse Sense and the Human Heart:
What Horses Can Teach Us About Trust, Bonding, Creativity, and Spirituality

By Adele Von Rust McCormick and Marlena Debora McCormick

Health Communications, 1997

This book reflects on a horse as a mirror, thus enabling horses to become four-legged therapists. Horse Sense is filled with case histories and photos that illustrate the author's experiences. A great book for those who love horses and are on a journey of self understanding and growth.


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The Basic Principles of Equine Massage/Muscle Therapy

By Mike Scott

Massage/Muscle Therapy Productions, 1997

This book contains a comprehensive approach to massage that includes chapters on anatomy, saddle fitting, exercise, and techniques for stretching. The illustrations and photos make it a practical book to keep in the stable and use regularly. One of the best for horse owners to understand and use.


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The Merck Veterinary Manual

By Susan F. Aiello

Merck & Co, 1998

A must for the stable owner or experienced horse owner. This text book has an incredible amount of information and it is easy to find. Owning this book will help you understand your vet's recommendations as well as help you communicate more effectively with the vet.


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The Total Rider: Health & Fitness for the Equestrian

By Tom Holmes

Half Halt Press, 1995

Tom has created a book designed to give riders an exercise program to build flexibility, strength, and endurance.  While exercises are the main focus, the book also contains chapters on stress reduction and healthy eating! 

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Understanding EPMUnderstanding EPM

by David E. Granstrom, DVM, PHD.

Published by The Blood Horse, 1997

EPM, a mysterious neurological disease, has become more common in recent years.   The author has been actively researching the cause and treatment of the disease.   The book is well illustrated and easy for the horse owner to develop a clear understanding of the cause, treatment and prevention of the disease.  A valuable book for horse owners to read, as the disease may become a reality and it is important to know the symptoms and understand what to do. 

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Understanding the Horse's Back

By Sara Wyche

Crowood Press, Distributed by Trafalgar Square, 998

Sara is both a dressage rider and a veterinarian. She explains methods of training to help your horse's back.

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Veterinary Manual
for the Performance Horse

by Nancy S. Loving, DVM

Equine Research Inc., 1993

This is a valuable reference book for all horse owners, including the "First Time" horse owner.  There are lots of illustrative photos.  This book is easy to use for veterinary medicine, horse care, conditioning, feeding, and genetics.  You'll find lots of valuable information for the performance horse owner as well.

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Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners
An Illustrated Manual of Horse Medicine & Surgery

By Horace Hayes, Peter Rossdale, M. Horace Hayes

Simon & Schuster, 1988

A thorough and clear professional horsemen's book that covers all horse concerns. It is not for beginners, but a valuable asset for professionals or serious horse owners. An excellent section on breeding and foaling.


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