Animals As Guides for the Soul

By Susan Chernak McElroy

Ballantine Books, 1999

A book for the reader who is embarking on the journey of their soul and who loves animals. Susan shares her thoughts, beliefs, and experiences about the role of animals as guides in our life journey. The book is filled with stories as well as thought provoking ideas about our connection to animals.


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Animals As Teachers and Healers

By Susan Chernak McElroy

Ballantine Books, 1998

A beautiful story about the author's triumph over cancer, which she has attributed to the healing qualities of the animals in her life. She also shares stories of others whose lives have been touched by the love of animals. A must for anyone who loves animals and wants to look deeper into the role and understand the joy and healing of the relationships.


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Beyond the Mirrors  (Click here to view larger image)Beyond the Mirrors: A Study of the Mental & Spiritual Aspects of Horsemanship

by Jill Keiser Hassler

Illustrated by Eleanor McDonald

Goals Unlimited Press, 1994

An inspirational book about love, life & horses. Readers report they LOVE to read this best selling book because it helps them to feel "good". It is easy to read, and helps the reader understand more about themselves through their love of the animal. It is the only book of its kind. It takes the reader beyond the face of the mirror into their mental and spiritual being.

From the late Col. D.W. Thackeray, well respected AHSA & FEI judge, "Beyond the Mirrors should have universal appeal. Anyone involved with horses should be sure to reach it in order to better understand the relationship between himself & his horse."

From Western trainer & AHSA judge, J.L. Gochenauer, "This book should be helpful to many people, not just 'horse’ people. In so many ways it points out different ways to approach life and its many small problems."

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Forward Motion: World-Class Riders and the Horses Who Carry Them

by H. M. Menino

Published by The Lyons Press, 1999

A great story about famous horses and their riders. It gives you insight into more intimate pieces of information about some of our role models in the horse world. Very enjoyable.

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Horse Sense and the Human Heart:
What Horses Can Teach Us About Trust, Bonding, Creativity, and Spirituality

By Adele Von Rust McCormick and Marlena Debora McCormick

Health Communications, 1997

This book reflects on a horse as a mirror, thus enabling horses to become four-legged therapists. Horse Sense is filled with case histories and photos that illustrate the author's experiences. A great book for those who love horses and are on a journey of self understanding and growth.


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Horses are made to be horsesHorses Are Made To Be Horses

By Franz Mairinger

Published by: Howel Book House, 1997

A book filled with compassion, love, understanding and insightfulness. This book contains dressage philosophy without details of movements. This book is for riders who want to learn from their heart and understand the deeper relationship between horse and man.  Franz studied at the Spanish Riding School and went on to become the Australian Olympic Equestrain trainer.

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Horse People.gif (15545 bytes)Horse People: Writers and Artists on the Horses They Love

edited by Michael J. Rosen

Published by Artisan books, 1998

A beautifully illustrated book with a collection of art and stories that depicts the natural bond between horses and humans. A book that will inspire horse lovers of all disciplines to remember & celebrate their own experiences.  A must for all horse lovers.....

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Living With Horse PowerLiving with Horse Power:
Personally Empowering Life Lessons Learned

By Rebekah Ferran Witter

Trafalgar Square, 1998

A book filled with interviews with people who LOVE horses!  Learn more about the love of horses from some of your well known people!  


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My Horses, My Teachers

By Alois Podhajsky

Published by Wilshire Book Co, 1982

A classical must for all dressage rider's reading and library.

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Taking Up The Reins
A Year in Germany With a Dressage Master

by Priscilla Endicott

Published by Trafalgar Square Publishing, 1999

While the book is about training in Europe, and a relationship between horse and rider, the most impressive part is the story of a rider fulfilling a life-long dream because she followed her dream and never gave it up.

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The Man Who Listens to HorsesThe Man Who Listens to Horses

by Monty Roberts

Random House, 1997

The Man Who Listens to Horses is an inspirational book about intuition, life, and horses.  It helps you to understand yourself, friendship, love, death, unfairness, and poverty.  We get a view of the role of horses in this development of honesty, patience, and persistence.  We recommend Roberts' fascinating and inspirational story to everyone.

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Winning With Horse Power!
Achieving Personal Success Through Horses

by Rebekah Ferran Witter

Published by Trafalgar Square Publishing, 1999

A book filled with real life stories about personal empowerment from horses. Both ordinary everyday riders as well as 'famous' riders write these stories. If you want to enjoy a fun to read book that is interesting and inspiring, this is a wonderful book to read.

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