I have often been asked what books influenced my writing, teaching and learning.   Finally, I am doing a quick review of these books and am having super positive reminders!  Many of the books are old, but still in print which tells you of the quality contained between their covers.  I recommend the following books to persons who want to explore their inner-self.  I believe this exploration helps us become more balanced as a person and as a rider.  You will get out of these books what you need to at the time you read them. I learned a lot from them when I read them years ago, but am learning more as I review them now.  Each of these books played a role in my growth as an instructor and as a person.  -Jill K. Hassler.


24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success

By William J. O'Neil

McGraw-Hill Professional Pub - Dec 1999

Step by step advice to learn more about the complex process of investing. A very good book for those who want a base understanding to secure money.


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Different Children, Different Needs: The Art of Adjustable Parenting

By Charles F. Boyd

Questar Publishing

A very valuable, easy to understand book that helps you identify your behavior style. While it is written for parents and children, it is very easy to translate to husband-wife, employer-employee, or co-workers, etc. Recommended for anyone who is interested in personal improvement or getting along better with those around you.


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Equine Law & Horse Sense

By Julie I. Fershtman

Published by Horses & The Law Pub., Mar 96

A valuable book to have in every horse owner's library. Julie Fershtman provides practical and easy to understand information on equine law and because she has horse experience, she is right on target keeping the horseman's interest at heart.

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Living, Loving & LearningLiving, Loving & Learning

by Leo F. Buscaglia, Ph.D.

Ballantine Books, 1982.

10 months on the New York Times Best Seller List!

All horse lovers will enjoy this book about LOVE.  It is easy to read and covers all aspects of love and learning.  While it is not written in horse terms, a horse lover can identify with the loving relationship with the horse and transfer it to their relationship with them selves and their life in general.  Love is at the route of all learning, so we can all benefit from Leo Buscaglia's beautiful presentation of love and learning.

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Loving Each OtherLoving Each Other
The Challenge of Human Relationships

by Leo F. Buscaglia

Fawcett Books, 1990

This popular book is about LOVE.  It offers tools that help us understand and improve all relationships.  While it is designed to help in our traditional relationships, horse lovers can identify with many aspects of their "horse" relationships.  This book was so valuable, I gave it to all my grown children to read.  It is full of hope and concrete ideas that are very practical and useful.

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On Death and Dying
by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Published by Simon & Schuster, 1997
ISBN: 0684842238

Fear is a powerful emotion that often blocks our success.  Death is one of the most difficult fears to overcome, and yet, accepting death allows us to live life.   Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, through her life work with people and her clear, compassionate writing has brought the discussion of death to those who are brave enough to try to understand it and accept it.  It gives depth to life as well as helps us to accept that we will die just as we were born.  Perhaps this understanding will help give us the motivation and confidence to stay in the moment and enjoy it.  What a gift for the rider! 

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The Art of Being Fully Human

by Leo F. Buscaglia

Fawcet Books, 1986

An easy to understand book about self understanding.  A wonderful FIRST book for those who want to understand themselves.  A great gift for young adults who are embarking on the development of their philosophy of life.  Helps us to understand the needs and natural changes of the different stages of life. A great book about love, life and understanding. 

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Spontaneous HealingSpontaneous Healing
by Andrew Weil

Published by Knopf, 1995
ISBN:  0679436073

Since I believe in body and mind balance, its role in riding, and its role in good health (which can only help a rider), Spontaneous Healing can give the reader a deeper understanding of the body, mind connection.  This understanding may spark more self understanding.  This understanding may lead to more successful rides and perhaps the bonus of better health!  A wonderful book for everyone!

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The Highly Sensitive PersonThe Highly Sensitive Person
How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You

by Elaine N. Aron

Broadway Books, 1997

Horses are sensitive; many of us are sensitive but suffer from not understanding our sensitivity or repressing it.  The author presents a clear picture of the challenges, understanding, and development of the sensitive side of our personality.  This can help us better understand ourself and our horse.

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The Relationship ToolboxThe Relationship Toolbox

by Robert Abel

Published by Valentine Publishing House, 1998

Whether it is a relationship with our horse or with another person, relationships are challenging!  The Relationship Toolbox is an easy to use book with easy reference to problems as they present themselves.  Robert Abel uses a car theme to relate problems and solutions to, thus making them very easy to understand.  A book used more for reference rather general reading!

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the Relaxation ResponseThe Relaxation Response

by Herbert Benson, M.D.

Avon Books, 1974.

Most riders understand the need to be relaxed around and on a horse, but letting go of the stress related to their lives to the degree that allows them to be totally relaxed on a horse is very difficult.  Herbert Benson's book gives us a technique that can help us understand the need to be relaxed, understanding of the process of relaxation and a technique to relax.  Whether you choose to use his technique or not is not important, the book will definitely expand your knowledge and awareness of this subject.  It may also help you live a healthier life!

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The 7 Habits of Hightly Effective PeopleThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

by Stephen R. Covey

Fireside, 1990

Change is part of growth.  Each of life's experiences changes us in some way.   How can we use life's lessons to make POSITIVE changes?  This book offers a step by step program that will help people achieve their personal and professional goals.   It helps open the mind to ways to improve relationships.  For horse lovers it is great to help you understand  how to use goals in your riding program as well as your life.   Recommended for those ready to investigate change!

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The Seven Spiritual Laws of SuccessThe Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams

by Deepak Chopra

Amber-Allen Publishing, 1995

Based on natural laws that help us to understand ourselves and live in more peace and harmony.  It is about fulfilling relationships with ourselves and others, one of the greatest challenges in a lifetime.  This book is easy to read, and filled with wisdom and practical steps that you can begin immediately.  Great for personal growth with ourselves, others and our horses.

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The Wall Street Journal's Guide to Understanding Money & Investing

By Kenneth M. Morris & Virginia B. Morris

Fireside, Aug 1999

An easy to use book for the busy person who wants to insure that their personal finances are in order.


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The Wheel of LifeThe Wheel of Life
by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Published by Scribner, 1997
ISBN: 0684193612

Elisabeth's last book, her autobiography is an inspiration to all of us.  This book helps us to understand her life's mission to help reader's accept death.   Recommended for the reader who is interested in understanding the life of a woman who put actions behind her mission.

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EB-ThinkingInPictures.gif (5311 bytes)Thinking in Pictures
And Other Reports from My Life With Autism

by Temple Grandin

Vintage Books, 1996

"Thinking in Pictures" is a fascinating book that helps readers see how animals think.  Dr. Grandin sees/thinks in pictures, giving her a "real" empathy for animals.  Her autism combined with her intelligence gives us a unique and indepth perception to consider.

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Time Shifting: Creating More Time To Enjoy Your Life

by Stephan Rechtschaffen

Doubleday, 1997

Timeshifting will give the reader a new perspective on time. While it does not teach you how to organize your time, it tells you how to change your attitude about time. The new relationship you can develop with time promotes a reduction of stress and helps you get the most out of the time you do have and the activities you choose to be involved in. For busy people who have trouble enjoying the moment, this book is spectacular. You will discover that you have more time to enjoy life just by looking at it from Stephan Rechtschaffen's presentation. Don't expect yourself to change immediately; it will take time to change old habits and become mindful of the shift we must make in our perceptions. All riders can benefit as most are very busy people and are often too busy to enjoy the beautiful moments our horses give us, or we miss these moments because we are so busy reviewing the past or planning the next step. Super concepts!

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Walk On!

by Christmas Humphreys

Quest book published by The Theosophical Publishing House, 1974.

Walk On has 104 powerful pages filled with  new information about our inner self, how to  incorporate it into our life and beliefs and moving on and using the knowledge.  It is about goals, attitude, discipline, concentration, love and more.  It helps  readers get in touch with their own powers of accomplishment and gives insight on "how to" make appropriate changes.  It is a very useful book to help readers better understand themselves and take a look into their 'soul'.   A very deep "how to" book.  It is very beneficial for horse lovers to read this book and examine their relationship with the horse and then transfer what they discover to their relationship and actions with themselves. This can really promote self growth.

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Where to Go from Here
Discovering Your Own Life's Widsom in the Second Half of Your Life

by James E. Birren & Linda Feldman

Published by Simon & Schuster, 1997

IA well written book that is a MUST for anyone over 40 who is ready and eager to re-examine their life and up-date their philosophy.  Well written, easy to read, great questions, good suggestions and charts that help you take a helpful look at who you are and what you want to do with the  next phase of your life.   Horsepersons may discover the motivator behind their horse involvement, uncover their goals and put the horses into a reasonable perspective.  The author's approach really helps the readers to 'know themselves', something I feel is vital to getting the most out of each ride.   I can't recommend this book enough! 

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Zen In The Martial ArtsZen in the Martial Arts 

by Joe Hyams

Bantam Books, 1982.

I had an issue with time and its value and use, so this book is perhaps the most influential book I read in my thirst for knowledge.  Reading Joe Hyams book was one of my first exposures to the state of   "being" which I had often heard about but did not understand.  The style of the book makes it easy to read and understand, even for the exploratory reader who has little understanding of his/her 'inner self'.  I refer to this book often as a reminder and inspiration for 'inner quietness' which is directly related to relaxing the mind.  133 powerful pages of information for me!

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