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Awards and Recognition

We want to thank all of those that took time to visit and evaluate our site.   We appreciate your kind words and encouragement.  We want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to you, our viewers and our proud sponsors and advertisers.

Awards are listed below with links to their corresponding site (click on images).  Please note that they are not listed in any particular order -- we value them all

Award What the award presenters had to say...
Look Smart Editors Choice This award conveys the highest standard for providing a useful and high quality website. 

(It is awarded to two organizations that equerry.com is providing hosting and web services.   We can offer you that same commitment to quality of service. Click here for email address to request details.)

Web Site of Distinction Great site, and with great information. In fact you have become one of my bookmarked pages that will be visited again.   
Elite Web Site

Winner - Elite Site

This award is one of the most difficult to win. It is for that reason that it is seen very infrequently.

Congratulations! Your Web site has been selected to win an Elite Site Award. This award signifies that your site contains quality content and has skillful design. Your site has been chosen by me, What is the purpose of this award?  It is to signify that your site has been judged to contain quality content, design and HTML expertise. By displaying the award on your site, you are notifying your visitors that your site is among the best of the Web. For only the best have a chance to win such a prestigious award. I make sure that this is so, by carefully checking every nominated page.

Hot Site Award Your site, Equerry.com, (we *love* it!) has won our HOT SITE! Award presented for outstanding content and valuable service provided to the Internet community.
  Jewel Of The Web Award Your site has won the Jewel Of The Web Award.

[This award is given out to the cream of the crop of web-sites.]

Once again congratulations!

Award of Excellence I was very impressed by all the hard work you have put into the site and have to congratulate you on an outstanding achievement in web site design, both in appearance and content. Your site is truly an exceptional presence on the web, reflecting the highest standards of creativity and professionalism.
Rich Site Award ...your site meets our requirements as a "Rich Site" [i.e., a site "rich" in content and graphically pleasing to the eye] we are very happy to present you with the "Rich Site" award. Congratulations on a "Rich Site"!!!
Pro Award This award is not given lightly. The web site was thoroughly reviewed/critiqued prior to award consideration.  We are happy to say, your web site received a rating of "Outstanding" in the "Pro Award" category.  Well done!! 
Juno Platinum Award for Outstanding Quality Congratulations.

I have visited your site and I think it certainly deserves an award. It is a good quality site and I hope that it fulfils all that you set out to achieve. No doubt that you will receive many awards for a site of this nature. I will visit back from time to time, to check the site still exists.

Your site has been given the Platinum Award for Outstanding Quality.
Newt's Circle of Influence - Award of Excellence Equerry.com has met and exceeded the criteria necessary to receive this exclusive Award.

Your site has everything necessary to satisfy the novice and professional horse enthusiast. The design and content are superb lending to a clean easily navigable site. Equerry.com is to be commended for being an influence to the Web community, and for promoting responsible Horse care and ownership!

DataFlow Graphics Platinum Award We found your site to be very well done, and very informative, and we are awarding you our [DataFlow Graphics] platinum award...congrats!
Worth Surfing For award YOU DESERVE THE AWARD!!

Good luck with your homepage.

Web's Favorite Congratulation!

Your site has been nominated and chosen to win "Web's FAVORITE" Award by the @ CitiMall.com FAVORITES directory online.

Golden Web Award - The Int'l. Assoc. of Web Masters & Designers Congratulations! Your web-site has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 1999-2000 Golden Web Award.

Presented by: The International Association of Web Masters & Designers

goldensphere1.gif (16925 bytes) Congratulations!

We are pleased to award you with our Golden Sphere Award. The quality of your site was most evident in its content, pleasing design and ease of navigation. A great resource for horse lovers. Definitely a site worth bookmarking.

MistyRain's Award for Excellent Web Design Great site! Very well done! I enjoyed my visit!

Your site is now a winner of the MistyRain's Award for Excellent WebDesign! :)

Flint's award for fabulous webpages CONGRATULATIONS

Hello you have a great website.

I love horses even though I have never owned one.

  Golden Globe Award of Excellence I have...visited your web site and found it to be fantastic, very well designed.

I really enjoy visiting your site.

Buzz Award of Excellence congratulations  

your site was selected for the Buss Award. Buzz feels that your site deserves recognition for outstanding work.

Pure Illusion's Award of Excellence - It's a gem! Congratulations from Pure Illusion Awards. We are honored to inform you that you have won the "Award of Excellence." ... None of our awards are easy to win and you should feel Honored to have received this recognition of your hard work.

Currently only 11% of the people that apply for our awards win. You have done a fine job. Only 4 % of the people that apply receive an Excellence award.
Marie's Award of Excellent I would be honored if you would accept my award for your site...

Keep up the great work you're doing!

P.S. My daughter loves your site, she has two registered horses and spent a lot of time at your site.

Web Pets Award of Purr-Fection Congratulations and keep up the good work.
Tasha's Award of Excellence I have just come from your site and it is obvious to me how much thought and work has went into its develpment. It would be an honor to give to you my award. I too raise horses and so have a little insight on what your site is about and I found it to be accurate and highly informative.
  Sharon's Award For Home Page Excellence Congratulations!

Your site is truly excellent and deserving of the award


You have been selected to receive the Blue Ribbon Website Award 1998.
Award for an Excelllent Equestrian Site - Tide's End Farm You have a great site, very informative, nice theme all the way through and very easy to navigate.

Nice original graphics.

I will share your url with my students as a great resource.

I'm honoured to give you an award.

  Attitude Award Congratulations!

Although we receive many requests for awards each day most are politely declined, but we believe your site adds something special to the net.
Toinbo & Renbo Excellent Award  

We chose your site because it was very good with good design and useful information ...

Congratulation again.


Buddy's Paws Up Award Congrats! Buddy and I adored your site!

It is very well designed and professional. I love horses and if I had more land I would have one for sure! I enjoy reading about them and riding as much as I can. Keep up the super work!

Becca's Excellent Site Award Congratulations, you have won Becca's Excellent Site Award. 
  Gold Crown Award My review of your site made it easy for me to award the GOLD CROWN.   You have obviously put a lot of thought and work into the design and in maintaining your pages.
EHP 4 Start Award Having surveyed your Homepage we found your page qualified, and approved for the ... 4 Star Award
#1 Website Award Congratulations! You have won the #1 Free Stuff "#1 Website" award!  Your site met all the requirements...
Top Homepage - DH-Design Gratuliere
Du hast meinen TOP-Award erhalten! :-).

Ich habe mir Die Homepage angesehen und sie hat mir gefallen! Weiter so!!
WGB Web Creations - Cool Site Award Congratulations!!!!

You have a very nice site. I enjoyed my visit to your site and will be back to visit often.

Corinde's Award for Excellence You've won my award!  (Corinde's Award for Excellence)
   King Of The Jungle Award I just got back from visiting your site and thought it was great!   So...

Congratulations!!!! You have been selected to receive the "King Of The Jungle" award for outstanding excellence in your web page design.
Design Award In reviewing sites for our award, we look at content, graphics, the purpose of the page, and the experience of the page writer.
Food and Leisure Online Hot Site ... congratulations in being chosen as one of our premiere winners for the [Food and Leisure Online] Hot Site Award.

Criteria used to judge web sites include design, usefulness, innovation, use of the most current internet technologies and of course content. This is why your site was chosen.
WDI Award for Excellent Web Design I would like to congratulate you on having a great site!   I am awarding you the WDI Award for Excellence.

...Keep up the good work...
Topic Resources Award Topic Resource AwardYour site has been awarded the City Guide California Topic Resopurces Award.

Your dedication shows in the overall content and focus of your web site's topic.
Orchidaw.gif (4750 bytes) I am very proud to present the "Orchid Award for Page Excellence" award to you in recognition of your hard work in the creation of such an excellent page. I think you have done an outstanding job on your site!
Useful Award - from  Award World Congratulation, you won the useful award, for your site ... out of 576 competitors for October's awards.

Best wishes for more awards.

Good People's Choice Award Congratulations!

We have visited your web site and find it to be of good, moral and ethical content.

Indi's Award for Excellence Indi is happy to give you her award
Great Gig Award The Heavelution Concerts Canada "Great Gig" Web Site Excellence Award is presented to those special sites which demonstrate initiative, original design,  vital functionality and which truly deserve to be recognized by their efforts to inform their fellow man.
Wizard of the Web Award Your page met our requirements by avoiding most of the pitfalls, and you've earned the award and the admiration of your peers.
Stefanie's Stupendous Web Site Award Congrats!  You have won my award! 
Website Innovation Award ...have reviewed your website, and are really impressed by the overall quality!

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