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Equine Law 

Eight Strategies For Avoiding Liability

How to Create Costly Legal Disputes Involving An Equine-Related Contract

Selling a Horse on Installment Payments? Know the Pitfalls Before You Leap

Will Your Corporation Limit Your Personal Liability?

Who Wins Their Attorney Fees in a Legal Dispute?



Horse General

The Internet as an Equestrian Resource

Goal Setting:

The Value of Goals
Motivation: Why Do You Ride?- One of the First Steps of Goal Setting
The Stages of Life - The challenge of setting goals is made easier by understanding the natural mental aspects of your age.
Outside Influences - The Role of Time, Money and Energy In Goal Setting
Choosing Goals - Actual Goal Planning Suggestions


Horse Health

The Horse's Digestive System

West Nile Virus Infection in Horses


The Horse in: History, Religion and the Arts

The Romantic Expression of the Horse in 19th Century Literature and Art

The Horse In The Bible


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