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Horse Riding Academy

Timmy, it's only the first day of class, and I've already had a lot of complaints about your from your instructors.  What have you been doing?
Timmy: Nothing.
And that's exactly what your teachers said!

Hurray! The instructor said we'd have a test today, rain or shine.
Then why are you so happy?
It's snowing.

My new instructor thinks I'm special.
How can you tell?
She says my behavior puts me in a class of my own!

Riding Instructor: Why did you fall off your horse?
Class Clown: I was demonstrating the law of gravity.

I used to have a riding academy...
but business kept falling off.

Novice: My horse wanted to go one way and I wanted the to go the other.
Instructor:  What happened?
Novice: He tossed me for it.

Teacher: What did you do during the summer?
Student:  I learned how to ride a horse and how to eat standing up!

Instructor:  Can you you ride a horse?
Novice:  Don't know.  Couldn't stay on one long enough to find out.

A horseback riding trip had been orgainzed and everyone was going through the orientation, i.e. "anyone ever ridden (seen?) a horse before?", etc.

Everyone's told: "It's simple. The horses are all neck rein trained. Hold the reins in one hand. To turn left, move the reins left. To turn right, move the reins right. If you pull back on the reins, the horse will slow down, then back up. To make the horse go, kick gently."

At this point, someone exclaims: "Oh, I get it, it's a point and kick user interface."

I went riding today.
Sure. It came back before I did.


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