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Riches to Rags

I worked and slaved for many years until everything was sunny, 
I chose one day to have some fun with all my hard earned money. 
I bought a big 2 acre ranch out on the edge of town. 
I bought a palomino horse that I could ride around. 
And then I bought a saddle with a fancy padded seat, 
And a silver conchoed bridle and some Justins for my feet.
I bought a jingle'n pair of spurs and a big ol' Stetsen hat. 
I bought some Copenhagen for the pocket where I sat. 
I bought a brand new trailer, and I spent a pretty buck 
On a great big, shiny, 5 speed, tandem fifthwheel pick-up truck. 
I had all my equipment, I was feeling proud and pert, 
'Til that lowdown, onry critter dumped my nose right in the dirt. 
I hadda pay a horse trainer to break that yellar hide, 
Then I paid a little extra and he taught me how to ride. 
Though everything was fine now, I started feeling pensive,
This happy fun filled horsey life was getting right expensive.
No problem, though, I now was free to ride, 
And thus enjoy my well broke, well trained toy with a palomino hide. 
And then for a week that's what I did on my high dollar pet,
But then he got the colic and I had to call a vet.
Now if you're thinken that doctors have a career that makes them wealthy,
Just wait til you pay a vets bill to keep your horses healthy! 
Then ol' Yellar started limping when he stepped down on a clod, 
So I paid another wad of bills and got that cayuse shod.
And if that wasn't quite enough then winter came my way, 
So I had to build a barn and buy a load of hay 
Then I bought a quilted blanket and a matching quilted hood, 
To keep ol' yellar warm and keep him lookin good. Sigh! 
And then I took a wife, and she had a girl and boy, 
They liked to ride my horse so much, I bought one each for them.
I tossed more dollars at the vet, and at the trainer too,
And don't forget the farrier with his anvil and his shoe.
We had us 4 fine horses, now, so to get where we could ride,
I bought a bigger trailer yet, and more money I goodbyed. 
Then both those silly youngsters took to ridin' rodeos. 
Their gear and clothes and gasoline had me paying through the nose. 
And here I am today my friends, in an agitated state,
Cause somehow, those 4 horses have multiplied to eight. 
I'm horse rich and money poor and am suffering great remorse 
For once I was a wealthy man till I went and bought a horse.

Contributed by Lynn G., Montana


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