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Whinny Whispers
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By Amber Benson

Gary and I went to the doc for a physical.    She said were fine, but we need to exercise aerobically and get our heart rate up.   So we have been running to the mail box and back every other day.

One of our horses, "Daiquiri", is getting very fat.  We use her a lot as a baby-sitter horse to keep one of the younger ones happy.  It is hard to do horse management with a number of growing horses and horses in work who are in a pasture with a horse who tries to get fat!

Also, I have been riding the three year olds, but only in the pasture (the round pen footing is bad now) near where the pasture horses are.

So, I had this brilliant idea on how to get everything done all at once in 1/2 hour.  Gary leads Daiquiri and runs to the mailbox, making her trot along behind him.  I ride a three year old (choosing a different one each day) and follow along, trotting all the way.   What a crew!!   The three year old gets to go somewhere and do a bunch of trotting and have a baby sitter to go with!  Daquiri gets some exercise!  Gary gets his heart rate up!  Everybody gets what they need - all in 1/2 hour!  Of course, I don't get my aerobic exercise, but I guess you can't have everything. 

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