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Horse Adventures
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Horse Adventures are true stories,
highlighting the special relationships, events, and moments between horse and human.

These stories are submitted by our viewers, students, and friends.

"Horse Adventures" consists of three sections: "Foalin' Around", "Training Tails", and "Whinny Whispers"



  "Foalin Around" features fun stories about foals, often sent in by breeders.


"A "Noble" Birthday"
"Cafe Noir"
"Merlot and Pirouette"


"The Birth"

"Twist of Fate"

"Training Tails" provides instructors, trainers, & students with a forum to tell interesting training experiences.

Equerry.com: Horse Adventures - Training Tails


"The Canter Depart Revisited"
"My Summer Instructor"
"Total Control"

Whinny Whispers - focuses on special stories about the bonds with our equine partners.



Whinny Whispers








Always There Are The Horses
"Amazing Grace Held Up by Apron Strings"
Can Horses Really Talk
"Cute Gus Story"
"Dolly The Wonder Mare"
"He Who Is Great"
"Human and Horse Exercise Together"
"Midnight Mischievous"
"More Exercise For Me"

"My Best Nightmare EVER"
My Dream of Mountains and Pine Trees"
"Nut n Honey"
On the Warpath
Phoxy's Story
"Princess, The Pony"
Race the Wind
Redefining Heart
Salad For My Friend
Scruffy - Our Comedian
"Tami's Story About Smokey"
The Great Day
"Through The Tears"
"Thunder in the Pasture"
"Whipper Snapper"


Share YOUR Story!

If you have a "horse adventure" story of your own you would like to share, we invite you to submit it to the email address below, stating in the message subject area the section name (Foalin' Around, Training Tails, Whinny Whispers) where your story would be most appropriate to appear, and include somewhere in the body of your message:  your name, postal address and phone number. The email address to send it to is:

First Some Legal Stuff ("The Fine Print"): By choosing to submit a story, you acknowledge that you are the original author(s) and copyright owners of the submitted work and you grant permission for Equerry (also known as Equerry.com), or it's associate (Timon, Inc.), to freely reproduce, use, disclose, exhibit, display, transform, create derivative works and distribute to others without limitation.

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