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Whinny Whispers
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by Amber Benson
(Gus is a 5 year old home-raised warmblood that has not seemed to be very people oriented)

Yesterday, I had six horses out in the pasture, including Gus, for 1/2 hour.  For the next five weeks, they only get in the pasture for 1/2 hour a day or every other day to run around so the grass can grow.  I decided to bring them in, and got a handful of "cookies" (horse cubes) and a couple of halters, thinking that they would not want to come in because of the green grass and would not want to be locked up.  I walked out to the pasture, got halfway to them, and Blueberry (Gus's mom) started running toward me.  Well, of course, they all started running toward me.  Then they thundered on past, racing for the barn.  Gus was last.  As he was going by me, I said, "Gus, do you want a cookie?"   and held out the cookies toward him.  All the other horses were ahead of him running excitedly toward the barn.  He screeched to a halt, pivoting back toward me, and came to get cookies.  What a Gus!  

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