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Whinny Whispers
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by Hannah Packowski

Cash, Hi boy, how are you doing today?  You're looking good, fellow....Your coat is even getting a gloss to it!  You are getting handsome Cashy-boy....Yes, you are....You make me smile so much Cash.

It wasn't always like this, but you're better now, aren't you?  Your spine and hips don't stick out three inches from your body, and I can't count each of your ribs any more like when I found you.  I was so full of hate for the man who had left you, Cash...It made me angry to think someone could leave a life in a field to rot.  But care, lots of care has made you the way you are and I like caring for you, Cash.  It was hard at first, when you had no hair on your body to brush and your hooves were cracked, dry, and long.  Dad told me not to bother with you, he said I was asking for heart break and that you could die any minute.  How could I leave you out there though?  How could I stand back and watch you fade away into nothing?   We proved him wrong, didn't we babes?  Yes, we did, my Cashy.

We can even go for rides now...I think you like it, I think it reminds you of the track, and of running, and of speed.  Sometimes I wonder, when you are galloping like the wind, if our hearts are thudding as one.  I wonder if you can hear my thoughts and can understand me, understand better than anyone else in the world.  I think I can understand you, my boy.  When you looked at me with those sad brown eyes on an overcast day in March, I thought I could hear you.  Your eyes looked so pleading, and they spoke louder than words could ever speak.

And, when those eyes spoke to me, I took you in.  I fed you sweet feed and carrots, gave you warm beet pulp and fresh water.  I gave you kisses and I stroked your nose.  You sighed and closed your eyes, resting your head on my shoulder.  I knew you were the horse for me then.  You weren't the most expensive or the biggest or the prettiest.  But you were mine, and I was yours, and we were one.  And we always will be, Cash...I promise you that.  

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