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How many did he have left:  Seven.  [back]


How many horses do I have:
Alternate Solution #1
Three: one Quarter horse, one Tennessee Walker, and one Arabian.
Alternate Solution #2
Two, neither of which are Quarter horses, Tennessee Walkers, or Arabians.


How far can a horse run into the woods: Halfway.  After that it's running out of the woods.  [back]


How is this possible:  The horse's name is Friday.  [back]


How many horses:   One.  After that the corral won't be empty!   [back]


Parts of Horse: Neck, legs, feet(hoofs), ears, eyes, nose, hands (unit of measurement, one hand = 4 in. = 10 cm.)   [back]


Select a door -- win a horse: There is a 1/3 chance of selecting the real horse, which means you have a (greater) 2/3 chance of having first picked a door with a rocking horse.   Once the door with the other rocking horse is identified, then you have a higher likelihood that the remaining unopened door will have the real horse.   [back]


Horse Hands: Depends on the size of the horse -- a horse's height is measured in hands.  One hand = 4 in. ( 10 cm.)
standard horses range in average height from 15 to 17 hands.   [back]


10 horses, 9 boxes:   [back]



Four Horseman:   (Football) Harry Stuhldreher, Jim Crowley, Don Miller and Elmer Layden.    [back]


Number of men tending horses:  11 men tending 15 horses.   [back]


Find horses that match:  Solution (matching images are encircled on diagram at right)
BrainTeaser - Select Matching Images - Solution


How is this possible:  
Alternate Solution #1

The other end of the rope isn't tied to anything.
Alternate Solution #2
The haystack is only 10 feet away from where the other end of the rope is tied, and the horse is 30 feet away on the other side.  


Total horses counted: 10 horses -- they are the same horses in both directions.  The side on which they appear depends on your direction of travel.   [back]


Where is this from:  Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, "The Farmer and the Cowman",  Oklahoma, 1943   [back]


Fathers-Sons:   You had a horse who was a grandfather, the horse father (and son of the father) and the son (a total of 3 horses).   [back]


Number horses to ask to move:  Reading from left to right, we notice that horses 2,3,4 and 5 are already in the correct order.  So, we only need to ask the other five (5) horses to move in order for them to appear in order from 1->9   [back]


Name of Pippi's horse: Pippi's horse is called Lilla Gubben (has no name in the books, just Horse).   [back]

Using three wooden corrals:  Square corrals are used. the largest one surrounding all horses, the smallest one boxes in the middle horse. (See diagram at right.)   [back] BrainTeaser: 9-horses enclosed by three squares


Determining if horses have a short side:  Yes, horses have one side (or set of legs) that is slightly shorter than the other (just like humans have one leg slightly shorter than the other).  You can easily determine which side that is by looking at the horse's mane and seeing to which side of the horse's neck the hair falls.  That will be the side of the horse with the shorter legs.   [back]


How can you take 1 from 19 to leave 20:
When the numbers of horses are expressed in Roman numerals...
If you take I from XIX, you are left with XX.


What is shaped like a horse, often as big or bigger than a horse, but doesn't weigh anything?: A horse's shadow.    [back]


Using overlapping circular corrals:  A minimum of four circular corrals are used. (See diagram at right)   [back] BrainTeaser: 9-horses encircled by four overlapping circles


How many horses did each breeder have:
Horse breeder #1 had 49 horses, and horses breeder #2 had 35.


Breed of horse that eats and drinks with it's tail?  They all do!  
No horse takes off his tail when eating or drinking.  :-)   [back]


Using 3 triangles to enclose 4 horses: Solution (see diagram at right)


None of them got wet because:   It wasn't raining.  :-)   [back]


What's the minimum number of weighings required:
Two. Weigh three of the horses against three others and leave the remaining two in the corral. If the scales are even, the heavy horse is one of the two in the corral -- weigh them to find out. If the scales are uneven, take the three horses on the heavy end, weigh one of them against another, and leave the third in the corral. If the scales are uneven, you've found the heavy one. If not, the heavy one is the one in the corral.


What is a postillian?  A servant, usually a boy, who rode as a guide on one of the (rear) horse pairs that pulled a coach, esp. without a coachman -- more of a status symbol (just like the footman).   [back]


Horse drawn carriages were used to deliver mail in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh as late as: 1955.   [back]


What is an "equerry"? Equerry refers to the officer of a prince or nobelman charged with the care of horses.  For more information on how this relates to Equerry.com,  please click here.     [back]


Rescue the horse from the maze: Solution path (see diagram at right)
BrainTeaser-Rescue-Horse-In-Maze - solution


How did the five horses finish the race:
Whispered Promises came in first. Skipper's Gal and Happy Go Lucky tied for second place. Penuche Fudge came in fourth.  Near Miss came in fifth.


Horse's name:  Yet.   [back]


Make horse triangle point upward: Solution (see diagram at right)
BrainTeaser - Horse Triangle - Solution


Solutions to Doublets:  [back] HORSE


The Farmer's Will:  17 horses won't divide evenly. So they borrowed a horse, making 18 horses, which will divide evenly.  Ann got 9 horses, Bob 6, and Ted 2, making 17 in all. They could then return the borrowed horse.




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