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Balance for Riders Balance for Riders
Breeding - horses Breeding, General

Frozen Semen


Building - stables Barn Design

Barn Construction

Fencing (see Equine Facilities and Property Management)

Business for Horse Owners Business Management for Horse Owners

Computer Services

Equine Law

Insurance-Everything for the Horse Owner

Competition for horses Competition management

Sports Psychology

Equine Facilities & Property Management

Pasture management

Equine Health Management Feed & Nutrition

Foot & Shoeing


Parasite Control

Vet Medicine

First Time Horse Owner
(See corresponding: "First Time Horse Owner" section)

The Desire
Finding a Reputable Stable
Finding A Trusted Instructor
Determining What Horse is Best for You
Budgeting for Your Horse
Searching for a Horse
Evaluating Horses You are Considering
Vetting (Pre-purchase Exam)
Insuring Your Horse
Stabling Your Horse
Transporting Your Horse
Feeding and Caring for Your Horse
Providing Good Health Care
Meeting General Needs to Have a Happy, Healthy Horse
Selling Your First Horse

First Time Horse Owner - General
Sales & Marketing for the horse owner

Equine Photography

Training - Sporthorse

Training-Sporthorse - Jumping



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