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First Time
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Whether you are four or forty when you notice your passion for horses, you imagine and fantasize your first equine companion to be the Pegasus of your dreams...your unicorn of happiness. 

Your first touch to your first horse is an incredibly exciting experience -- exciting and challenging.


Most horse enthusiasts are impatient to arrive at the time when they can select "the" horse that will become a friend, a competitive partner, and an escape valve - or perhaps all three.  There are as many reasons to own a horse as there are breeds and preferences of riding. 

Whether your dream is to have quiet years of trail riding, First Time Horse Owner - Trail riding
Dressage Grand Prix Dressage;
or cutting cows astride your agile Quarter Horse, Western riding

...horse ownership is fun and satisfying. 

At the same time it is an awesome responsibility, which will require you to constantly educate yourself. 



There are many questions that pop up when considering buying your first horse.

For example:
What breed is best for the type of riding I want to do?
How do I find a riding instructor? 
Is it best to have my horse at home or to board? 

Through our journey we discover that learning is fun with the creatures we so love. 

Not only riding, but being with them and watching them teaches us a lot about our own lives and ourselves.

  Learning about the wonder of birth, joy of new life,
and being able to participate in the life of the maturing young horse... Friends - growing up together
Peace Learning about the peace of life...
freedom ...while watching horses free to display their individual personalities.
Learning about play,
Play-freedom-fun ...freedom, and fun;

Learning about love.


To safely enjoy these learning experiences, we must educate ourselves.


Now, on to pursue the beauty and majesty of our dreams!



The first challenge is to find a reputable stable with a professional you can respect to help you prepare for your first horse.

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