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Your specially designed section for the


Equerry.com offers this section featuring information for you, the first time horse owner,  and those of you contemplating owning a horse for the first time... 

We desire to give you valuable information that you NEED to know BEFORE you make your first horse purchase as well as how to care for your first horse. 

We will make every effort to provide the resources for the First Time Horse Owner and those contemplating owning a horse for the first time

This no-nonsense feature provides practical advice in areas such as: successful horse shopping, scheduling health care, developing a feeding program, and much more -- information allowing you to make the most informed decisions and have a rewarding first horse experience... Please follow steps at right for becoming a first time horse owner.  If you already own a horse, jump to the appropriate step for your situation.    Except for separate reference items listed at bottom right, steps are designed to be viewed in the order they are listed.  Links are also provided on each of the step pages so you can easily move back and forth between steps. 



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